Itihasa Dharshana

‘Itihasa Dharshana’ is published every year by the Academy. It contains information about the proceedings of the seminar and the research papers presented for that year.

Request to Students, Scholars, Authors and Columnists
The intention of the Academy is to create awareness among
 people about the rich history and culture of Karnataka.
 In this regard, we have digitized and shared research
 papers on this website.   The authors, scholars have put
 great effort in bringing to light the hidden facts about
 our rich history and heritage through these papers. We
 would like to bring to your notice that all research
 papers are copyrighted by respective authors. If you wish
 to use any information in this website or research papers
 in your work, we request you to inform the Academy by
 sending mail to

There are several ways to search for research papers published in Itihasa Dharshana.

  • Search based on a specific term, author, place etc.. which will list all the research papers which contain those terms.

To search based on a particular term, author, place etc, enter the term in the search box on the left side. The list of tags is displayed below the search box which can also be used as your search term.

  • Search articles district-wise

To view all articles published on a district, select the district from ‘Itihasa Dharshana Categories’ drop down list on the right side.

  • View all papers based on the year of publication.

To browse the articles based on the year of the publication, please go to page Itihasa Dharshana Volumes.

Itihasa Dharshana Index Vol1 to Vol 25Here is the index book in Kannada- ಲೇಖಕ-ಲೇಖನ ಸೂಚಿ, which contains list of all research papers from Vol 1 to Vol 25 indexed according to author names and titles, prepared by Dr. P. V. Krishnamurthy.



16 responses to “Itihasa Dharshana

    • Hello Sir, thanks for the suggestion. The website is in English in order to reach global audience and non-kannadigas. But the 100 odd research papers which gets presented and published every year are in Kannada. We have 27 volumes of Itihasa Dharshana each containing more than 100 papers. It is humongous task to translate all of them to English. That’s the reason we have given a brief summary of every article in English for non-Kannada readers to at least know what the paper talks about. We are thinking of building the Kannada Version of the website soon.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words Sir, I really appreciate it. One of the reason for launching the website in English was to reach out to non-Kannadigas and global audience. However, there is a great demand for doing the website in Kannada which I will be doing soon. I visited your blog and you yourself are doing a commendable job in throwing light on historical places. Looking forward for your continuous support.


  1. its good work done by you sir
    we know about hidden facts

  2. Great effort, I stumbled on this fascinating website with a trove of accurate evidence based historical information. this is the need of the hour!

    • Hello Sir, we are humbled. Thank you for your kind words. That is exactly the purpose of making this website, that is to share accurate history of our rich culture and heritage to a greater audience worldwide. Our annual publication Itihasa Dharshana carries research papers presented in the seminar held every year. More than 2000 research papers have been made available on the website for history enthusiasts and research students. Please keep visiting our website for new additions. We will be overhauling it shortly.

  3. Great effort, evidence based objective historical facts are hard to come across. This is the need of the hour

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